14 June 2017

Far-Right Protesters (Including “EDL members”) Sent Sikh Charity Workers Fleeing “For Their Own Safety”

“Today after a very long time I have got angry and am disgusted by human behaviour."

Far-right protesters in Manchester have been accused of abusing Sikh charity workers during their very loud and hostile “silent and peaceful march”.

The Sikh volunteers, from the Sikh Sewa Organisation (SSO), have claimed that they were abused as they attempted to feed the homeless in Manchester. They say that they had to flee the area “for their own safety” after far-right protestors became “abusive” towards them for no reason at all.

The charitable group supplies meals for the homeless every weekend in the same spot – they have done for years. But, last Sunday, they were forced to move on as a huge gaggle of loud and intimidating far-right marchers (who resembled a group of belligerent football hooligans) descended on the area.

After converging on the usually peaceful area of Piccadilly Gardens, they proceeded to get drunk, boom football chants, scoff pig’s heads, urinate on the streets, knock police officers to the ground, hurl bottles of beer, and let off smoke bombs causing some panic. Yep, this is their idea of a “silent and peaceful march”.

“Today after a very long time I have got angry and am disgusted by human behaviour,” the SSO wrote on its Facebook page. “As per every Sunday, our team went to feed the homeless in Manchester. Sadly our usual spot in Piccadilly Gardens was over run by the EDL mindless thugs and we had to scarper for our own safety, as they were becoming abusive to the volunteers. It became really scary for us.”

“Our usual homeless crowd came to us saying they were starving so the volunteers decided to move to Stevenson Square. They continued there tirelessly serving food despite their own safety.”

Eight people were arrested when demonstrators clashed with police in Manchester City Centre last Sunday. Let’s take a quick look at some things that the Far Right achieved: (i) Drained the Greater Manchester Police’s resources at a time that they are stretched to the absolute limit. (ii) Helped terrorists with their overarching aim of dividing and undermining our society. (iii) Intimidated locals who were going about their business feeding homeless people. (iv) Caused criminal damage. (v) Undermined the credibility of their arguments by behaving in this way.

Now, let’s look at what they didn’t achieve: (i) Offer any credible solutions that might help reduce the threat of terrorism. Enough said.


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