11 August 2017

This Reporter Had to Leave Twitter After This Tweet About Victoria Secrets

He’s no longer on social media after this.

Michael Kane, a radio reporter from Canada, found himself in hot water this week after a severely misjudged tweet which led to him leaving social media all together.

After seeing two Muslim women outside a lingerie shop, he tweeted this:

“I’m just a reporter: saw two modestly-dressed women with religious headgear come out of Victoria’s Secret store in the Eaton Centre.”

He swiftly deleted his tweet, but not before suffering the (well-deserved) wrath of Twitter.

Everyone wondered why he felt the need to document an everyday occurrence on social media.

And they had a point: I just had my lunch and I saw some people coming out of Tesco with some bread and milk, but I didn’t bother to document that.

I also saw a chap walking out of Pret with a coffee in one hand and a blisteringly expensive box of mac and cheese in the other, but you won’t see me trying to start a trending hashtag about it.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the backlash that Kane found himself on the receiving end of.

Kane has left Twitter now. Which is probably for the best because, well, nobody wants to see any more of that.

Featured image credit: Victoria Secrets/Pintrest


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